Don't Say a Word

April 4, 2008
Shhh! Dont say a word. Just listen to what I to say.
How does it feel to come to school scared everyday?

You never now if you'll live or die.
Our one and only question is WHY?

Why do we have to live in fear?
Why do we have to shed a tear?

What puts the thoughts in his head?
Why does he want to see his classmates dead?

What maes him build up so much anger?
Why does he want to see his classmates' dead?

People shrug it off like it's no big deal.
Just imagine, if your lunch was your last meal.

What will happen if someone brings a gun?
What will you do-laugh, walk, or run?

It's always the little freckled face kid you picked on yesterday.
Now you surrender to him and for your life you pray.

But he doesn't see your pain because you didn't see his.
All he wanted was ine true friend.

He'd sit in the corner while you laughed.
And in his head, this, he graphed.

He pulls out the gun, now what will you do.
He just stands there and laughs saying,"now who's the fool?"

No one wants to admit it but its true life.
This could happen with a gun or a knife.

So just watch what you say.
Cause tomorrow could be the day.

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