Hit Hard

April 4, 2008
By Laura Femia, Schenectady, NY

I was hit hard by the world
Face down on the pavement
Hands and knees all dirty
Tears rolling down my cheeks.
I was begging for forgiveness
Forgiveness I didn’t deserve,
And in that moment
I realized even if I beg forever
Nothing will take back the hurt and pain I caused
But no one could have hurt me so much
There are no visible scars
No cuts, scrapes or bruises
But on the inside I’m all banged up
On the inside I hurt.

The sun never came out that day
Well you could say it did but
To me that day, that moment,
There was no sun, no air, no nothing.
Everything and everyone around me was on mute
And I was on slow motion
No one noticed, no one asked
No one said anything
But it was okay
I felt okay

The sound of silence is the loudest noise of all
It says everything and nothing all at the same time
It makes me feel awkward and scared
I just wanted to scream, scream at the top of my lungs,
But I couldn’t
I couldn’t let them know that it hurt me

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