So I’m Holding My Breath

April 4, 2008
By Laura Femia, Schenectady, NY

I’m holding my breath
I can’t breath
If I do I could slip
I could say something
I don’t mean
And if I do that
He might talk back
And then
I might fall for him again
Every time he talks I trip
Then he touches me
And I fall
Fall head over heals
For him
So I’m closing my eyes
Because if I open them
It would all disappear
I’m living in this dream bubble
And I don’t want it to pop
Because I know when it does it will all just
So I’m plugging my ears
Because then I can’t hear her complaining
I can’t hear her yelling
I can’t hear anything
My heart beating faster
As I get closer
Closer to him
And the noise gets quieter
As I get closer
So I’m holding my breath

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