Worth The Loss

April 4, 2008
By keaton wyatt, Senoia, GA

The straight A student I should have been
Wears a button-up shirt with 4 pens resting safely in his pocket protector.
His wristwatch comes equipped with the calculator.
The khaki pants compliment the shirt and the orthopedic soled shoes
Help to increase his comfort.
Because of his bi-monthly hair cut, his hair would always be short,
So it never interferes with work.
He would be much too busy with school
To worry about what he looks like

The straight A student I should have been
Never walks into class late.
Knows information that even the teacher doesn’t know.
He earns 100’s in all his classes
Except P.E.,
Where he receives a 90
Because he doesn’t run.
A book rests safely under his arm
Until free time
Where it finds a new home under his nose

The straight A student I should have been
Can often be heard saying things like
“There is no friend as loyal as a book.”
And while being asked by all the students
“Did I get that right?”
He would say
“Actually it would be…”
And while being asked to re-read the all the students papers in the class
You could often hear him say
“You misspelled that”

The straight A student I should have been
Makes 100’s on all his test
Therefore opening a prestigious gateway into Harvard
He will find that once in a lifetime girl
With long wavy brown hair, blue eyes, and a perfect physique
He will probably go on to win the Nobel Peace Prize
For finding a cure for cancer

The straight A student I should have been
Would not know the joy of swimming with friends
Getting kicked out of a store for ruff housing
Watching a sunset with his girlfriend
For he was to busy calculating the angle of an apple falling from a tree
He would not know the joy of playing sports
Cause he would be busy writing papers on the solar system and why they orbit the sun
So while the straight A student will get plenty of A’s in his life time
The B student will enjoy many things worth giving up a few hours of study time
So when asked which to choose I think anybody would choose the B

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