My Prison

April 4, 2008
By Sophia Chawala, New City, NY

My trail is blurry and foggy, feeling lost and gray,
Just a good-for-nothing, worthless stray.
Trapped in turmoil, tangled in fear,
Feelings of dread and somberness, breaking tears.

Blinded by the world, backs turned against me,
My path so uncertain, too hard to see.
No hand to grasp or shoulder to face to and cry,
A lifeless ghost, silent and dry.

Vanishes in thin air, life I wish to elude,
Just a mere child of the wind, not wishing to intrude.
My portrait, so abstract, unclear and lame,
Only black and white in my views with sadness and shame.

Dizzy and blind, lost in myself,
Invisible to care, like ice I melt.
My only miracle I seek is a star,
Living in the abyss of space, so bright yet so far.

My paradise: escaping the darkness, out to the light,
Will regain my strength, will and might.
My shining star, I beg you, come near,
Reach out to my soul, my cries you’ll hear.
Take my hand and away from my prison, I plea,
Let my weight loose, and I’ll fly away free.

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