Seasons, Change

April 4, 2008
By deondra wilkins, Lorton, VA

But people dont.
Now you can say that you will,
but i, know that you wont.
It'll be a disguise,
swept on your face,
to cover the lies,
with out a trace.
And, I know your trying,
But thats not Sufficient.
you can keep on lieing,
but one day you'll have to admit it.

As Seasons
you'll, remain the same.
And its no ones fault,
but the ones whos to blaim.
The things that you've done,
the things that you do,
when its all said and done,
everyone hears the truth.
And when theres a beginning,
theres always an end.
Because you made me become what i,
Shouldn't have been.
So for that you deserve,
a special suprise,
I, bet you'd never imagine,
that i'd be hear saying goodbye.
for all you've done,
and the damage that you did,
you forgot about my, feelings.
I was just a little kid.
I may not be an angel,
you can take my word.
But what you did to me,
is something that noone deserves.
and for me to move on in life,
i must throw my past away.
you may still be in my thoughts,
but im hoping for better days.
I have a family that means the world,
and a guy that i love,
but i cant tell him how i feel,
for the fear of opening up.
So hears to you,
and your lifetime regret.
Ive Finally forgiven you,
but never will i forget.

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