Endless Crimson Sunsets

April 4, 2008
By Paul Schneider, Hawthorne, NJ

The endless crimson sunsets glistening on the smooth glassy lake,
Bring the thoughts of my childhood back to life.
The calm waters, washing upon the flawless golden sand,
Were the days of no worries and no haste.
The cool, soothing breeze blows upon my blithe countenance,
Its whispering gusts echo the treasured voices of my countless friends.
As I relax upon the bland rocks that protrude out into the point,
The setting of the bittersweet sun warms all that is around.
The ivory doves gliding gracefully overhead,
Float with grace and ease through the endless cobalt heaven.
The profoundly cerulean basin, oh so deep and darkly shaded,
Instills in my thoughts and heart that life is too often too brief.
Westward, the peaceful sun casts itself behind the rolling hills,
Leaving me in the cool, slightly vivid evening of silence.

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