A Saddle of Gold

April 4, 2008
By Megan Bell, Frazeysburg, OH

Waking in the eastern sky
Rises the glistening sun,
Amid the creamy clouds so high
Shines down on everyone.

Riding on a saddle of gold
Comes a horseman to greet the day,
Across the thirsty sand they strolled
Along the northern bay.

They travel to the mountain side
The man sits atop his mare,
Into the country they do ride
The palomino bright and fair.

The steady beat of prancing shoes
Crosses over the windy hills,
So many trails with different views
The land grows quiet and still.

The darkness pours on the land abroad
Galloping through the stars they begin,
The sun has set but they continue to trod
Venturing to their home again.

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