Of Black Night/Wonder

April 4, 2008
By Skyler Lambert, Carleton, MI

Of black night I wonder in such a way,
That visions of happiness float away.
I'm left with an emptiness inside;
Alone and abandoned, nowhere to hide.
I want to scream out and cry.
No, no, scratch that, I want to die,
For all is lost from my heart;
Everything has come and completely fallen apart.
I can't help these emotions I feel,
There are too many scars waiting to heal.
The pain inside eats at my soul;
All that's left is an empty hole.
No emotions, nothing remains,
This situation, it's always the same.
He said, she said; all bulls***.
Too tired, I'm sick of it,
Wasting time pouring in the hourglass;
The final test of valor I cannot pass.
I am not worthy, it's as plain as day.
Conclusion made, there's nothing left to say.

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