April 4, 2008
So, there you are
No hope, lost
No one knows
No one cares
No one suspects
The cold of the wind
The thickness of the fog
Thinking This is my last moment.
Thinking How broken the hearts of my loved ones
Death is coming, faster and faster
It is coming
You don’t want to go but there is no hope
No help is coming
Your friend is sick
But there is no help
But then in the midst of all black
Then there is hope
There must be something
That belief is your hope
You will have to fight for it
The wind will not let go
He hits you
But you stand firm
Your fear of death is replaced by faith
I must keep going
There is no time to be scared
Keep going
Keep going
Keep going
Don’t give up
Don’t give up
And at last
You find what you could only have believed before

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