April 4, 2008
By Madison Hennig, Evansville, WI

So what if I’m not like everyone else,
So what if I’m a little different?
Maybe I’m a little smarter than the average bear,
So what?
Why does everyone have to be the same,
In order to seem normal?
Why do we have to fit in to a certain description to be extraordinary?
Why must I go out of my way,
To look the same as everyone else?
Why can’t I just be liked for me?
It’s not like my clothes define who I am
It’s not like I can’t be smart and still be fun
Why do the “popular” groups avoid me like the plague?
What am I missing?
What makes me weird?
And better yet
Why does it matter?
If you don’t like who I am,
It’s your problem
Not mine

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