December 2, 2011
By ScaryKari BRONZE, Roy, Utah
ScaryKari BRONZE, Roy, Utah
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Do you ever get that feeling where you feel nothing at all and every feeling you can feel at the same time? You wish that you could feel something, and wish that you could feel nothing at all at the same time? You're sad and happy and hungry and full and slow and energetic? You feel like a total loser and the coolest thing ever, ugly and beautiful, and you think positive but negative immediately fills that empty spot in your heart and you start to miss the things you've never had. People tell you that they'll be there for you, always, but the next day they lie to your face and stab your back, and then you realize that they never were there for you and they never will be, and then you quickly realize that no one will ever be there for you, because you're just a pity case. Nothing to care for or about or love. Just an empty soul trapped inside a bleeding body, screaming to get out, but no one can hear, because they're too preoccupied with their own life. You can't blame them, because you know you're not worth anyone's time. You just sit there, starring off into space, just to avoid all the people who have destroyed your life.

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