What I Miss

December 2, 2011
By KariLynn GOLD, Cottonwood, Minnesota
KariLynn GOLD, Cottonwood, Minnesota
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I miss the way Jesse flipped his hair,

and how he talked about wrestling.

I miss Hunter's goofy smile;

and his bright, happy personality.

I miss the way Emilee laughed

and seeing her ride her horse, Barbie.

I miss the way Reed scrunched his nose,

trying to keep his glasses on his face;

and our occasional talks on the bus.

I can still see their faces in my mind;

but it isn't the same as seeing them in person.

I know they're up there in heaven;

but I don't know why they were taken so young.

I guess you never know how important someone is

until it's too late to tell them your thoughts.

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