That’s Where I’m From…

April 4, 2008
By Melanie Gallman, Evansville, WI

I’m from the always happy mom.
The truck driver dad.
The basketball legend brother.
And the smart athletic sister.

From the hundreds of summer nights spent playing ultimate Frisbee.
The summers going up north with no other plans but to be on the lake.
And the old dusty radio in the garage that played all summer long, the radio that became the soundtrack to my summers.
It played through billions of hours of playing basketball, and spending time with Grandpa which would end up being more important than anything else.

I’m from the Rock County Fair.
From staying at the fair fifteen hours a day.
Just hanging out with friends.
Going to concerts.
And going on rides until you were too dizzy to walk.

I come from the basketball games.
All of Amanda’s.
All of Mike’s.
Eight years of watching my brother and sister.
Eight years that created my dreams.

I’m from being in a full house, to becoming an only child.
Mike’s graduations,
Amanda’s graduation,
and then just me.

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