I Wish I Were Little Again

April 4, 2008
Rememember when mommy and daddy never fought?
Now, i don't know if it were all an act or if they were truly happy.
Remember in elementary school when the only wrong a friend could do was steal your swing at recess?
Now, i find my best friendship destroyed by secrets and lies.
Remember when spilling your ruby red fruit punch on the carpet was the only fault that you could commit?
Now, thirteen years olds are getting drunk and having sex with someone they barely know.
Remember when daddy was the only man in your life and boys still had cooties?
Now, girls are jumping from boy to boy.
Remember when clothes weren't important because you would run around naked?
Now, all that matters is wearing the latest trends to fit in.
Remember when braces didn't matter because you were too busy enjoying your thumb or sucking on your bottle?
Now, i have deal with pain and regret.
Remember how care free you could be?
Now, i wish i were little again.

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