Perfect Hero

December 2, 2011
My hero doesn't have a cape

Or any super powers.

My hero doesn’t have a mask

Or known by the town.

My hero doesn’t hold the key to the city,

My hero holds the key to my heart.

My hero has long brown hair

And not judgmental.

My hero looks a lot like me

And is my best friend.

My hero is strong in the heart and the head,

My hero is not strong in body.

My hero doesn’t wear tights

Or hurts a single being.

My hero isn’t just a friend,

My hero is my sister.

My sister is there to give advice

And gives the best hug.

My sister stands up for me

And protects me with her life.

My sister doesn’t take no for an answer

And never leaves mad.

My sister doesn’t hate

Or fight.

My sister doesn’t have a cape.

My sister is strong in the heart and head.

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