It's Your Fault.

April 4, 2008
By jon harer, Janesville, WI

It's your fault I have no life.
It's your fault I van only yell.
Cause sometimes you make my life, a living hell.
You think you're all high and mighty.
Sleepin' on the couch in your tighty whitey's.
Your sick in the head, sometimes i wish you were dead.
Inside, deep down, I know you are my father, sometimes even my best friend.
But you know what?
They may make me love you, but they never said I had to like you.
On the outside, the side of you that everyone can see you are the best thing that could have happened for me.
But the side they don't see, the side that is sometimes cruel to me.
In a counter argument, at least I could say, you don't abuse me physically but in other words you do emotionally.
every bad thing stings and burns.
And as always....
It's your fault.

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