Determination Won’t Let You Stop

April 4, 2008
Determination won’t let you stop
You cry and say “I’m going to die”
But it won’t let you quit
It is like a voice inside telling you to keep pushing
You want to rest
But it says “keep giving you best”
There is a goal you think you can’t reach
It keeps pushing until you can’t move
Then in its own way it gives you a speech
It won’t let you stop it says don’t quit
Your head says you can’t
But your heart says you can
It’s up to you to make a choice
Head or heart
You don’t have long to choose
You will have to live with which one you pick
It could be a wonderful surprise
But it could be as painful as losing a friend
You choose to keep going
And you reach your goal
You fee like a young boy who just got his favorite toy
You gave it your best
And you feel great

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