Reasons for Everything

April 4, 2008
The sun darkens
And memories fade away
But there’s always a place in my heart for you
Even if you’re not in this world anymore
I still think of you everyday
Today I still wish I had a sister
That I could give my advice to
But I was only 7 years old
And you were just a baby
Mom told me you moved on
To a better place than here
I cried all day that day
And then when I first saw you
Your lips were purple and your fingers were curled
And that whole day I remember looking forward to meeting you
And I wish I still could have too
But I finally understand now
Even though you passed away
I finally know that
When someone you love is taken away
You always get one right back
And now I have a brother
Who can be a pain like any other sibling
But I still wish that I had a younger sister
Even though it’ll never happen
I just want to say thanks God
For giving me my younger brother
To love like any other brother and sisters do

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