Questioning Existence

November 28, 2011
By Divinia SILVER, Montebello, California
Divinia SILVER, Montebello, California
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The thing's that I see everyday never seem to me as a bit of importance. Why are we alive, we weren't created just to be destroyed or to destroy. We must try to do thing's with most impeccable abilities. Our existence is worth more than money, the gift of life is the best thing that we, as humans have. We have the the ability to try to prosper, we shall be able to comprehend the thing's we do and be able to behold the correct and incorrect thing's that we do. We control the thing's that go on and we shall be able to believe the thing's that go on in life and be able to see the diversities in life. There is only one question that has been left unanswered, out of any opinion we have no straight forward answer to which, what we will become after we die.

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