This World ..

November 28, 2011
What are we gonna do ?
What has the world come to ?
We need to slow down , stop it all ,
Wonderful people , beginning to fall .

Lives are ending because of suicidal hate ,
And it's sadly way too late ..
For they are gone for forever and a day ,
And what better way to end the pain , than to drink it away ?

War , killing the ones you love ,
And taking them away , leaving you alone ,
Good people becoming bad , before they are even grown ,
Death , becoming the only thing they know .

People , thinking they aren't worth a thing ,
But the truth is , they're worth everything ,
Dead eyes and an evil smile ,
Was once the laughter of an innocent child .

It's something you can't change ,
One they're gone , they aren't coming back ,
But could they have stayed , some way ?
If they talked to someone , instead of pushing them way .

Broken hearts and scared minds ,
Death comes by surprise ,
It hurts in way you just can't explain ,
And causes tears , followed by pain .

The innocent getting abused ,
The good being used ,
This world causes heartache and cries ,
Caused by death and dirty lies .

The hungry not getting fed ,
The evil hiding in the crowd ,
And loving what they've done ,
Becoming proud .

This world will end some day ,
In some stupid way ,
And will you be happy ?
Or is , "I hate you world" all you'' have to say ?

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