November 27, 2011
By BriannaL.Nawara SILVER, Cambridge, Nebraska
BriannaL.Nawara SILVER, Cambridge, Nebraska
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"They were the screams of rider's torn apart, but the twisted reflection of their own inner selves." -Neal Shusterman-

Our happiness can come from a person, a game, or even a hobby. Do we really think on what really makes us happy? Most of us don't, or we just don't realize what truly makes us happy. A loneyl little girl, who has lost everything walks the streets. Her mother and father just split, and they still fighting. Her father hits her and her mother. Walking down the street, wanting to run, she see's a lost puppy. The puppy has lost everything too, it's been beaten, and mistreated. The little girl can tell and feels the same pain. She lifts the puppy up and smiles. Living a life with no happiness, a lost puppy has made this lonely little girl happy.

So ask yourself, "what makes me happy?" It can be anything small, could be a animal maybe a sport. We never pay much attention. Is that why, some of us are so miserable? Even if you have a hard life, there is always happiness for everyone you just have to search for it. Once you find it, it can change you life forever. There will always be something in life to bring you down, but we always need our happiness to life us back up, and always put the pieces back together. So, do you know your true happiness?

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