You're the only one

November 27, 2011
We say stuff we don't mean. Then regret it later. We apologize, but when do we really mean it? Feeling the pain everyday of every person who's torn me apart in my past, the people who made me weaker. Then taking every piece of weakness, pieceing them together, and make myself stronger. I try to hide my true feelings, try to hide my pain and suffering from you. No matter how hard I try though, you can always see my true feelings. I try not to make you suffer, from my pain. Yet, you still do, because you read me like a open book. No one can see my true feelings, no one can see past my hiding. Only you, can tel my true feelings. I gave up on trying, because you are the only one for me, and there's no point of hiding anything from you. You can already tell my feelings, even when I hide them, you are the only one who can see the real me. And my real feelings.

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