All it Takes

April 3, 2008
All it Takes for you to learn
I hope you die a thousand painful deaths,
For all the little lies you once told me.
I hope you breathe a thousand painful breathes,
For everything you said like, "you'll never be lonely."
I was like a robot caught in your chokehold,
Believing every word no matter what I was told.
It took such a tragedy as this for me to realize it was a line.
How you threw it all away,
Your simple feelings merely pushed before mine.
I hope you endure heartbreak in its purest form,
For the way you made my life unbearable.
I hope your heart gets ripped and torn,
For the way you left mine un-repairable.
I hope you never make it to the stage of your heart heeling,
For the times you left me burning.
But most of all I hope someone inflicts the pain I've felt
and makes sure you don't feel everything I couldn't.

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