Divine Love

April 3, 2008
By Sarah Currie, San Jose, CA

The first guy did me wrong,
The next tried to lift my head and stage me strong.
I held on with the courage but the last animosity kept from love,
So when he hugged My past came in between and gradually continued to shove.
That was a mistake,
Because the realest dude down for me I pictured as fake.
He brought me dozens of roses and a kiss for the smile,
My reminisces of my ex crept in and made me refuse gifts for a while.
So he gave me his presence and with that I didn't want to cherish,
He said instead of famishing me it should be the previous dude you perish.
I respected the statement and left his name out of site but still in my mind,
For his guilt and pain I dealt with challenges awakening the following love I find.
He's now at the alter standing in front of me,
So I'm contemplating "I do, I don't", I close my eyes and plea.
For If these vows are committed with God will man still sin,
The Man answered You question but quests can't start with how but when.
Before I knew it "You may kiss the bride"
And I thought of when my husband before married me and cheated and lied.
So I pulled away and I yell "I object" the crowd said aw I said "ooh"
Did I forget I promised not to pull back and leave him unloved and low.
In his eyes I see love, I see camaderie, I see me.
But fear overpowers and I image lust and infatuation covering thee.
But trust leaves the ring on my finger,
And faith keeps me away from thinking I have a man who'll linger.
For I am his, He is mine,
Now that love is truly divine.

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