Owe It To The Girl

November 18, 2011
By RashidaWrites GOLD, Somewhere, Iowa
RashidaWrites GOLD, Somewhere, Iowa
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"Nothing Gold Can Stay" (Robert Frost), "For when dreams go. Life is a barren field. Frozen with snow" (Langston Hughes).

I owe it to the Girl,
Who can stand on steps alone.
No matter what they say
She's always on her own.
Often staring into space
She feels like shes missed placed.
The tears start pouring down.
And the distance between the is profound.

Her mother tells her what
She can do to change
(Since?)It doesn't matter to her father
(So) she'll never re-arrange.
I owe it to the girl
Who looks into the eyes
Of the one shot her heart
And the man who told her lies.

I owe it to the girl
Who looked into his heart
Searching for their love,
But found a stack of darts.
I owe to the girl
Whose father couldn't stand
Waking up alone
So he fell into God's hands

We owe it as the fans
Of girls who stood alone,
To respect their last demands
As they fall into God's hands.

The author's comments:
Role models of today's society have the power to influence the lives of so many. This song is to thanks those very special people.

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