April 3, 2008
I awake to find
Not the usual six o’clock
Staring back at me,
But a very late seven.

In a hurried frenzy,
I take a cold shower,
Gather my things,
And find
An unfinished essay.
I realize now that life…
Is taking no prisoners.

I make it to class,
Seconds to spare,
And I relax a little.
But I know better
Than to let my guard down.
Third period comes
To give me a reprieve.
Division One rating for Jazz Ensemble!

Rallied by this success,
I overcome my fears
And climb to the top of the wall
In Outdoor Adventure.
I ring the cowbell with pride
And know that I’m still in this.

I rush off to physics,
Adrenaline still pumping,
To remember
That our tests come back today.
Near panicking,
I look down beside my name
To find…
An A!

The rest of the day brings
Neither extreme,
Good or bad.
A trip here,
To make me look like a clutz.
A won battle for the remote there,
Giving me some semblance of control.
But when I look in the mirror,
Just before I head to bed,
I see something different.
I see me,
But not the me you see.
I have cuts and bruises.
I wear the battle torn clothes
Of a warrior.
But beneath the blood
And the grime.
I see a victor.

I awake the next morning
At the proper time
And slip
As I get out of bed.
On my way to the floor,
I bump my head on the nightstand
And land on my wrist,
Twisting it.
From the floor,
I chuckle and sigh.
Is back for seconds.

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