November 10, 2011
By Fluffingoreo BRONZE, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Fluffingoreo BRONZE, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
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Slip your fingers slowly down my face

Blood dripping down perfect white lace

My eyes are seeping red

Onto cold, hard cheeks-dead.

Your gaze traps mine forevermore

Black gore bursts from my core

Lace darkens, the light is nevermore

Your sharp fingers beckon, tight smile is a lure

I blindly step forward, I have to see more

But your heart cannot take it, it bursts with a roar

I collapse onto skinless knees

Suck in suffocating air, release it with a wheeze

You shake and you cackle

Eyes on fire, a relentless jackal

You reach out a claw

Rip my soul until it's raw

I have nothing left, you have taken all

Yet your lips open in a silent, desperate call

Crimson tears crawl down my cheeks

Please, I do not know what it is you seek

But now your withering and wilting

Your dry bones are melting

I watch with a silent smile

My heart pounds, I know I am vile

My blood has stopped flowing

My dark eyes are dulling

You slip inside my skin

We are one now, the ultimate sin

The world has now frozen

It is us they have chosen

One in the same, maroon red chains

Never to escape, lost all that was sane

Eternal whispers of evermore

Sultry, sick voices...I am nevermore.

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