Me And You

November 10, 2011
By MadeeTaylor PLATINUM, West Chester, Ohio
MadeeTaylor PLATINUM, West Chester, Ohio
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Your perfect, and show so much love.
I'm hateful, i don't deserve it.
Your athletic, and smart.
I'm pathetic from the start.
Your so far away, I'm with someone else, i think about you every night and day.
You showed me how to be myself.
When i look to the sky, to the moon
I want to see you, but that wont happen soon.
I try to forget. I try to hide,
I cant shake this from my mind.
So far away, but nothing too close.
Your my perfect high, but cant find an overdose.
I see hI'm, then I see you,
Someone tell me what to do!
I could be your only,
You could always own me.
How silly of me to think,
I'm just another girl in your skate rink.
Guys like you go for perfection,
all I want is your affection.
How can I live, if you were my support?
So many feelings, I cannot sort.
But its your smile I fall for,
Your laugh I would die for.
With you I can soar,
Ill love you and forever more.
Its you and me,
For all I see,
We're like a puzzle.
We fit perfectly.

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