Wounded Butterfly [Acceptance]

April 3, 2008
By Amy Godfrey, Palm Bay, FL

I had thought I was quite out of the race,
The music was dead and I’d had my taste
Of pain and fear, giving myself
Up for them with nothing to help.
Suddenly song crashed into my soul
Slipping in through the one tiny hole
In the wall I had built for protection from blades
Tired of scars, bloody wounds, bruised blue-black shades.
But you wrote a new tune and then taught my heart
To see, hear and feel this great healing start.
Bandage of care, curing touch, and a kiss
You reshaped my heart and trust, so now this:
A girl who’s no longer stone and ice
Instead a creature of beauty, formed twice.
So hold on tight for my newly sprouted wings
Take me high through clouds, with dreams I sing.
Free from my cell and chains; both bind, conforming.
Kissed lips, hand in hand, I’m growing, transforming.

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