“The Youths of Today”

November 19, 2011
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“The Youths of Today”

Let’s face it, we’re all heard it
It’s too hard to ignore
How us youths of today apparently
Daily break the law

We all seem to wear hoodies
With baggy trackies and caps
Spend our lives updating our status
Or downloading brand new apps

We’re labelled the nations problem
And known as ‘British thugs’
Who carry all sorts of knives
And take all Class A drugs

Mobbing the ‘estate’
On our chav-friendly wheels
On bikes way too small
With the ‘pigs’ at our heels

Smoking like factories
And drinking most nights
Threatening all ages
Picking all fights

“The youth of today
Are just a waste of space”
Say all OAP’s
Of the whole human race

But what, dare I ask
If this isn’t actually true
That in fact the youth of today
Are just like me and you?

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