Sometimes it's Okay to Cry.

November 19, 2011
By Rachael-Louise BRONZE, St Helier, Other
Rachael-Louise BRONZE, St Helier, Other
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Sometimes it’s Okay to Cry.
If laughter is the best medicine
Why isn’t it always the best cure?
If laughter is a supposed to be a work-out?
If we cry do we gain weight more and more?

Holding back that droplet
Of a single paining thought
Is like triumphing a war of the sad
A war that’s often fought

Many are almost afraid to cry
Because of its connotations with the weak
Makes showing sadness unacceptable
Unless one is timid and meek

But what, may I ask is the issue
Of the tears that happen to slip
From the reluctance of the performance
Of the sadness weakening its grip

It may be hard to admit to yourself
Of the factual feelings possessed
In the heart that seems ok at a glance
But utter chaos when indeed confessed

It is said that holding back cries
For whatever the meaning could be
Is the worst thing a person could do
As it splits one’s heart into the three

The first part resembles the feeling
Of having to swallow back the scream
When the world just seems to be collapsing
And you want it to all to just be a dream

The second is the reality
Of having the face the day
The day that always seems the foulest
As each challenge makes its way

The third of course is the reason
For the upset the tears want to release
And the longing for it to all go away
The longing for just a bit of peace

All I’m saying is really
Is that whatever that seems to come by
It doesn’t have to be public
But sometimes;


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