April 3, 2008
By Maggie Byrne, Palatine, IL

Is it when the scale is completely even?
Or when the teeter-totter makes a straight line?
Maintaining balance is like a circus act
One step in the wrong direction
And the even, level line is broken
Stress is typically the main factor that causes the scale to sway one way
Work, relationships, relaxation
There is never enough time in one day to accomplish it all
So we devote all of time to one task
And disregard everything else
Then the next day rolls around you and overwhelmed with the other tasks you put off
Living life in complete harmony is a rarity
It is unlikely that everything will work in unison
Life is a game and you have to strategize to come out on top
No ones life is every completely balanced
However, if life always remained balanced
There would be no stress but there would also never be risk or chances to take
Would living in a perfect environment make…
Life and existence even worth it?

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