The love of His Life

April 3, 2008
By Megan Barrios, Luling, LA

I hope she’s everything he needs
And gives it all she’s got

I hope she’s everything he’s dreamed
Everything I’m not

I hope she’s the piece to the puzzle
That I just didn’t fit

I hope she’s that perfect someone
Since I just wasn’t it

I hope she’s better than the one before me
And the best and only after

I hope she’s tall and beautiful
Thin and full of laughter

I hope he only thinks of me
When he takes out an old yearbook

I hope he brings her to the movies
And takes all the time we took

I hope he never looks at her
And thinks of someone else

I hope he always treasures her
And never leaves her by herself

I hope he opens the door for her
And holds her hand in bed

I hope he makes her eyes dance
and listens to what she says

I hope all his hard work pays off
And he achieves his dreams

I hope all her goals are accomplished
And she’s everything she seems

I hope they love each other
To the end of their days

I hope when they have a fight
He never leaves and always stays

I hope they’re perfect together
everything we never were

I hope beyond all hopes
That he finds happiness with her

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