April 3, 2008
Sometimes I wonder,
Could it possibly be…?
No! Never! I will never see.
Just what all these mistakes,
And lies have done to me.
They never help,
But I cannot seem to see,
What effect they have on me.
Fear grips my soul,
My heart is beating two beats too fast,
Just because I did not want to be last.
I didn’t want to stand up for what was right,
So instead,
I took a wrong path.
When will it end?
All this pain,
I should not have done it!
I “promise” I will not…
No! No! I admit I was wrong…
Someone save me before it is too…
Why didn’t you tell me all along?
The light goes out,
The door closes…
Only then did it hit me,
It was already too late…
If only I had known,
If only others could see,
Just how much pain,
I caused me…

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