A waist of my time

April 3, 2008
By Noah Rauchwerk, Holmdel, NJ

The man steps out of his house and heads down to the shore
He throws on his wet suit and heads out the door.
He grabs his surfboard and heads for the water
He walks down the beach only wishing he was smarter
If he had graduated high school he wouldn’t be here
He wouldn’t b walking and thinking of beer
He’d be making money and lots of it
Not living with his parents and he’d have nothing to admit
To his girlfriends of plenty
That he had at the time
Not anymore
They no longer wait on line
To get into his heart
For now he has none
He’s a hollow shell
For what he has done
He has nothing to do to make his mark
And he better start looking out
I think I see a shark

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