April 3, 2008
By Lindsey Bledsoe, Oakton, VA

Separate bristles brush against the grain,
smooth when directed back again.
Black and white, painful stripes.
Clouded purple in hesitant shame.

When times were the same.

We watched each other shine,
whisking away precious time.
Letters and voices were enough,
to admit we didn't need to be tough.

Your eyes, they opened up.

A brush of skin, a fading grin,
the horror of the world sets in.
Losing our way to Neverland,
gripping tightly to your hand.

Suddenly, the world was grand.

Escape is overrated.

A reddened eye looked our way,
and we became reality's prey.
Shrouded together in future's doubt,
Too afraid to find our way out.

I stare at you throughout.

For now, we must release our hold.
And plow into mysterious cold.
Where only our distant voices remain.
Until we wander out again.

We toast our friendship with champagne.

A curious glance.
An overdue dance.
Perhaps, in time, renewed romance.

For now, I sit and talk to you.
I wait, and watch for life's debut.
The intermission never lasts,
the final act is unsurpassed.

We prowl, circle, play the game. Refusing to be tamed.

Again we'll go to neverland,
in bright pajamas, hand in hand.

And in the meantime, here I feet immersed in warm, soft sand.

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