Starlight, starbright, help me fall asleep tonight

November 10, 2011
By MadeeTaylor PLATINUM, West Chester, Ohio
MadeeTaylor PLATINUM, West Chester, Ohio
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Crying myself to sleep last night,
Thinking of you.
I wondered if you could be,
Thinking of me too.

I know its a waste of time,
Because you probably weren't.
I looked to the stars,
And thought to myself,
What if you were?
Would things really change?
Could it go back to before,
Would things become too strange?

Silly of me to wish, to dream,
you took my heart ripped at the seam.

But looking to the stars,
I do wish you well.
I hope your life is good,
Because you made my life hell.

And if you look to the stars,
Do not wish for me,
I'm moving on, farther to the sea.

One day if you miss me,
Do not come back or reach out.
I cannot come any closer you see,
or i just might cry out.

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