There She is Everday...

April 3, 2008
By Amy Byers, Park City, UT

There she is everyday,
in the front row of every class, she's the one everybody makes jokes about.

Maybe she doesn't have the best of looks,
and maybe she doesn't really have too many friends.
She knows this, she doesn't like being reminded everyday.

They snicker and they giggle as she walks in the room.
Her heart sinks as she takes her seat in the front row.
Do they not understand that even someone as ugly as she has feelings?

She wishes with all of her heart that maybe,
just maybe they could switch places, just for a day.
Maybe then they would understand.

She stands in front of the class, presenting the paper she was so proud of, that took her weeks to write.

They laugh at the criticism that they gave her.
She quickly runs out of the classroom crying.

She's not in class the next day,
or the next. . .or the next.

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