Black Magic

April 3, 2008
By Tessa Eihausen, Park City, UT

The night sky trails behind His back
White satin gloves mask His hands
He seems so out of place
And overdressed
He’ll wreck my evening
Loving every minute of it
Slicing apart my happiness
With His magic wand

“I’ll need a vol
He shrieks with glee
“You, in front, come up here!”
Of course,
The ivory finger
Is pointed at me

I rise from the table
Wanting to say my last goodbyes
But not wishing to cause a scene
So I simply stand
Wishing you a silent farewell
With a kiss on the cheek

“Very good, very good.”
I listen as He fails to conceal
His far more than professional zeal
For performing a trick
That should be a crime

“Now watch…
As I make her happiness

I watch your lovely face
Become slightly bemused
As He places His thin white spiders
Of hands
Over my plunging décolletage
Rests them there
For seconds that pass
Far too fast

He yanks His hands forward
Dragging my chest along with them

I watch as your eyes
Widen for fear and surprise
I want to cry out
But my mouth’s been sealed shut

He and His sadistic audience
Laugh maliciously at the idiocy of our expressions
Our inability to speak

I’m sending you “I’m sorry”
“I love you”
“I didn’t mean for this to happen”
But then my messengers blink
And you’re gone

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