December 1, 2011
By , Queens, NY
I was two when you decided on your own to leave us behind leaving nothing but pain and even when i was young i blamed myself for all of it your hand hurting my mom so much violence replaying in my head over and over again i found myself crying in a corner every now and then as if i just relived that moment as i grew older i got angry and angrier at you for hurting my dear mother leaving nothing but bruises and scars and your big hand print on her bare scared body i asked myself over and over as if i was a old broken record how could you put your hands on the one you said you loved but you seemed like you never really cared you showed no emotions no regret no sorrow of what you have done you never cared about other peoples feeling including your own flesh and blood you have made i used to cry myself to sleep every time you said you love me because i knew every time those words came out of your mouth you just said it to say it i love you meant nothing to you because you can careless if i was alive or not it was all a huge lie that hurt more than i expected it to i guess that is the reason why now i am scared to love or to be loved because i would hate to get that feeling you gave me when i was just a little girl how could you do this to your own baby girl scaring me for life leaving me with nothing but sorrow when i think of you now i am afraid to let others in express how i feel but its okay i am stronger now as strong as a rock like a lion rising from it sleep and ready to hunt down some breakfast i am stronger than you will ever be because if you were strong and a man you would have never done this to us ever put your hands on my mother ever made me feel worthless made me feel like a mess but i do not cry for you no more i feel no pain towards you only numbness but the funny thing is that it made me a better person and at least something good came out of this horrible mess but i will never forget the day you hurt my mom and left us behind and never turned back DADDY

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