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December 1, 2011
Insubordination is on the horizon,
it rises with tenacity.
Consistently wild in it’s germination,
exceedingly exponential in growth.

Consistently wild in germination,
as it feeds off the criticism.
Exceedingly exponential in growth,
endlessly fueled by resentment.

Feeding off the criticism,
Its determination to desecrate is resolute.
Endlessly fueled by resentment,
until it threatens to tear my garb of composure.

Its determination to desecrate resolute,
finally reaching and stretching to touch its limits.
It begins to tear the garb of my composure,
I am consumed with fear of my uncontrollable anger.

Finally reaching to touch its limits,
consistently wild in its germination.
It begins to tear at my garb of composure,
until insubordination breaks the horizon.

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