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November 20, 2011
By DivAliah BRONZE, Oceanside, California
DivAliah BRONZE, Oceanside, California
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Pink is passion, pink is pain
Delicate as April rain
Soft as clouds that glow
In heaven where all God’s Angels know
This mix of blood and purity
That invites ambiguity
To invade our minds, break into our hearts
With the color pink where should one start?

Pink is innocent, young and free
Pink can represent harmony
Good life and health is an interpretation
Of the color pink in many nations
But tonight
Pink will symbolize the fight.

So many have gone, fought and won
In their struggle they have shown
That pink is passion, but pink is pain
And there is one point we must make plain:
Cancer you have no office in our bodies anymore
So take this pink slip, and hit the door!

The author's comments:
everyone who knows me knows that my favorite color is pink but i also have had several women close to me struggle with breast cancer and it made me think of other meanings for the color pink

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