The One

April 29, 2008
I remember when you were here beside me.
I would feel really lucky that you were the one.
You were like that kind of person no one would like to leave.
You would make me happy when you visited me.

You would do things no noe would do for me, and that was the number one thing I loved you for. We would go out to the park and talk for hours.
About how you wanted to be with me and how I felt the same for you.
You were saving money to build our own home and to make our life easier when we had a family of our own. Everything was going great; we were happy and loved each other, until that horrible day.

That day whein I was home waiting for you so you could ask my hand to marriage, that was the end of my life. Whin your parents came over crying and sobbing, I knew immediately something went wrong. They told me to stay calm, but I couldn't. When they told me what happened, I just felt my heart broken. I knew you were gone but did not want to believe it. I felt like a part of me just wasn't there anymore. No one knew what I was going through. I thought that there was no way out. I wanted to be with you,to hug and to hold your hand.

Everything wasn't right anymore; you weren't there to light up my day no more.
You were my only love and my only one.
No one, not even my husband can be loved as you were loved one day.
I can not, and will not forget you until the day I'll be with you.

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