Life Lessons in Driving

November 22, 2011
By cob40 BRONZE, Defience, Ohio
cob40 BRONZE, Defience, Ohio
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I was so excited when my parents took me out driving the first time. I hopped in the old, rusted truck and put it in reverse. I waited for the wheels to meet the gravel on the road, so close to the road and then ,suddenly, crunch. I looked out of the window, and I saw a half of a bush still standing, and began my first driving experience. This was a Couple of years before I had my license, even before I had my permit, and that is a different story. The first time I went to acquire my license I was so happy to be able to drive, I jumped in the car, and I took off towards the road. I passed the driving part of the test. I only had to pass through the cones; however, what I didn’t expect was to back over a cone. All my happiness was gone. I went back to the DMV not just one more time, not just two more times, but the fourth time I went, I finally passed the test without running over a cone. Thus began of my very crazy driving experience.

When I finally acquired my license, I was so excited. I knew that I could go where I wanted without having to wait on anybody, and I could take all my friends to go eat places or to watch a movie. Since I had my license, I could get out of the house when I was bored or if I had nothing to do. Getting my license was great, and my favorite part of all about driving was no more taking the bus to school in the morning! With more driving comes crazier stories.
The first time I was going to drive up town, I was going to the mall to watch a movie with my friends. The only way I knew how to get there, that road was closed, so I didn’t know what to do. I live in a very small town, but what did I do I pulled out my GPS, and I had to follow that to get there. I never heard the end of that. People would say to me “Hey, Jacob, do you need a GPS to get everywhere?” I was asked that for a ling time.
Still that isn’t the worst driving experience. The worst driving accident I had involved wrecking my car in to a ditch. People may think, “Oh that happens all the time. There must have been on coming traffic, or there was a big animal in the road.” No, that was not the case. I just was going to turn, and I never stopped turning until it was too late. This was another reason for my friends always made fun of me. Later on, my other friends started to acquire their licenses as well. Since I was one of the first of my friends to obtain my license, I often drove my friends and myself up to Taco Bell and yo hang out there for a while. This quickly became our favorite hang out spot. Being the oldest of my friends, I was always the one to drive everywhere when we went to sporting events. I would be concentrated on the road and my friends would be in the back talking, and sticking their heads out the window yelling at people “Go, Ayersville”, as we drove in the middle of nowhere. Now that all my friends have their licenses, and we all are comfortable with driving we like to have a little fun when driving. Whenever we’re going to someone’s house we always race to see who can get there first. We never try and let my friend, Adam in front because we know it will take us forever to get there only going twenty miles per hour the whole way there.
Getting my drivers license may have taken me awhile to get and people make fun of me for it, but I’m just glad that I am able to drive with my friends and enjoy all the fun activities that come with it.

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