Something Important

November 22, 2011
Something important
I need to say

I know that no matter
How many times
I put this on paper
It wont be right

But I'm gonna try
To put this
In your head
I think about you
All day and night

When I first met you
I was resistant and shy
But the more
I got to know you
Man these sparks...
They really fly

Of all my fourteen years
I've only cried
Over three people
Two men, one boy

Please don't act
Like you're surprised
Cuz' boy you know
It's true

You tore my heart
To pieces
But matter of fact
You fixed it too

For that reason
And many more
Theres no way
I can ever lose you

Other reasons,
Are buried deep
Inside my heart
It took some time
To find them
But I think
Maybe I had
A head start

When I saw
You were there
My cheeks flushed
My stomach turned
And i just knew
You were someone special

But then my heart
Playe tricks on me
Made me feel things
Unfamiliar to me

The game went on
Forever it seemed
Until one day
One of us realized
We could never win

God planted a seed
Of hope in my heart
But sometimes
You're stuck
With only that

Just hope, wonder,
And the feeling
That your heart
Will never give in
That the pain
Will never end

Feelings might change
But the spark,
Its still there

So I can only
Wait and see
But i still have
The seed of hope
That makes me believe
That we were
Meant to be...

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