I See This Girl

April 29, 2008
I see this girl on the beach
Aching to be loved
She's holding on to dear life
Just waiting to be touched
I see this boy by the streets
Selling drugs for money
We only see him as a thug
But within he's dying to be free
She looks herself in the mirror
Pointing out every flaw
"Why would anyone want me?"
She says as she rubs her skin raw
He's sobbing by his bed
As he takes all 27 pills
Crumbling away by the minute
Holding on to his will
" I have a job to do,
And that's to take him away.
I'm the angel of death,
I can't fall in love with my prey."
She was assigned to him for a reason
He's dying of cancer
But her heart went out to him
They made each other's world brighter
He told her that he loved her
And promised to never let go
As he kissed her with such passion
She knew he had to know
I have to tell you something
Me too but you go first
What I'm going to tell you is important
It's going to make things worst
I'll still love you no matter what
You've made me live longer
No please let me start
Baby you've made me stronger
I'm not what you think I am
I know, you're my angel on earth
Stop interrupting me!
I'm sorry for what it's worth
I am you're angel
But I can't stay for long
I'm the angel of death
Here's your one last breath
He collapsed on the floor
As the clock hit 11:11
He was pronounced dead
By the angel standing over his head
Love is unconditional
It can never be erased
He'll love her after death
She will never be replaced

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