Don't care what happened

November 29, 2011
By aleksus SILVER, Holcomb, Kansas
aleksus SILVER, Holcomb, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
People are so caught up by the fickleness of today, they forget the reality of tomorrow-Me

I don’t know where I’m going
Right now I don’t care
I don’t know what I need just know I’ll be there
I don’t know if I’m living or if I’m supposed to be
My mind is in a daze, a lock with no key
I don’t know why I wait
I don’t know why I stay
What’s here for me —what made me this way
Now everything’s a blur as I try to turn around
I look at what I’ve done
It’s all on the ground
I try to tell a story but there’s nothing to say
Going through the notions every Fuc*king day
I don’t know why I do
Couldn’t stop if I tried
Maybe it’s all I’ve got but I’m not satisfied
Got to have more, Got to keep it with me
Need it to last—I don’t want to be free
As it happens again my mind grows numb
I don’t want to think so where are these thoughts from
I know I shouldn’t but I do anyway
When it’s gone I just want it to stay
So as it happens again I like to sit back
Close my eyes and forget what life lacks
It’s funny what you don’t know
If you did would you care
Inside I’m broken—I’m pulling out my hair
When will it get better—my mind is at war
I’m my own worst enemy
What good is that for
So overwhelmed—Never at ease
Nobody stop me
I’m begging you

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