Desires of the Unknown

April 29, 2008
By Hannah Oates, APO AE, ZZ

I wait here on the ocean’s edge with my bare toes in the sand
The breeze blowing through my tangled hair.
I gaze out into the blue and focus on that strip of hazy land
I place myself on that strange terrain without a care.

If only this vast space of ocean’s water would disappear at my command
Maybe I could take hold of my dreams and escape from my despair.
If only I could fly like the eagle soaring above as I now stand
I would ascend into the setting sun towards that far away world unaware.

But I can do nothing besides wait for a miracle to understand.
I can only stand here and let the ocean swallow my desperate prayer
If I could only reach out and place its unknown mysteries in the palm of my hand.
I would hold it close to my heart and it would be enough just to forever stare

Now I must leave this scenery of distant dreams and islands just a strand.
Behind I must leave these glorious moments of imagination but please prepare
Do not have any possible worry I beg of you dear ocean for I have planned.
Only to return once again to gaze upon that fading land and wish I was there

This will certify that the above work is completely original,
Hannah Kaitlyn Oates

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