Integra GS-R

November 29, 2011
By yupheng yang BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
yupheng yang BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Slick exterior of the journey
That warms my heart
As the smooth touch of her outer layer brushes against me

This compact instrument glides across the road
As the warming skin of our wheels heat up
Against the express way of life’s excursion

The vision through the sun roof fills my eyes with
Lust as her glowing fiber adorn her shapely silhouette

Two door open
To our perfect love for each other as
Our flowing ride releases emotions as we joyride across
The supple closed path of our love

As the thrust of our engines increase, our RPM
Rise through the growing companionship and alliance of each other
Progresses in our journey

The flowing four cylinder
Of reflect the tranquil passion we enjoy with every exchange

Our gears glide though five speeds
Without difficulty as the flexibility
Of our relationship sashays from sunrise to sunset

The sectional instrument mirrors her spirit,
Intelligence, and family values that one would want in their life.

The thrill of the sporty lifestyle patterns our lives
As we chance our dreams down the field

The aroma of the leather interior and its spiciness emphasizes the sweetness
She exudes as we melt into each other making one

Each pulse of the sub-woofer pound louder
As my heart sings “koj puas nco kuv lawm na” (do you still miss me)
Each beat bump quicker as our rhythm becomes memorable

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